(Peut-être) is a duet : João and Guillaume, a chinese pole acrobat and a musician. In (Peut-être), the two artists deal with the boundaries of the space where they move about. João and Guillaume play on our sense of space, what we assume to be above or below, what we expect to be horizontal or vertical; they surround us with sights and the sounds, with a real or virtual environment. We hear a music, acoustic or electronic, and we see a fleeting body, at time real, at other times virtual. The electronically recorded sights and sounds help blurr our perception: gravity appears inverted and the performers multiplied on the stage. Whether fleeting or lasting, each move is a feat, so close to a dangerous challenge, so temting, yet never attempted.
Directed and interpreted by : João Paulo Santos (mât chinois / chinese pole, video), Guillaume Dutrieux (musique/music)
Lighting designer : Marc Moureaux
Costumes : Pedro Pereira dos Santos
Artistic advisor : Jani Nuutinen
Stage manager : Renaud Daniaud

This show toured about 50 times in France, in Europe, and in South-East Asia.
45 minutes


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