The National School for Circus Arts of Rosny-sous-Bois - ENACR (Fr) has invited João Paulo Santos and Elsa Caillat to be directors of the end-of-year show of the 31st promotion of the cursus ENACR / National Center for Circus Arts - CNAC in Chalons-en-Champagne.

In an over connected society, one's self-image has became essential. To seem is now more important than to be? The form than the substance?  It's a constant balance between to seem and to be, to feel and to fake.

Self-image is very significant in a group. Social networks are a sort of magic mirror to which we ask the same question over and over. This show deals with these paradoxes as old as the world but still current. It deals with questions as existential as insignificant. Dreams and fears of the students also appear, linked to their learning of a passion called circus.

Directed by : João PauloSantos and Elsa Caillat

Interpretation : Demian Bucci, Oskar Norin, Anton Persson, Sebastian Krefeld - board | Rémi Cadé -Chinese Pole | Noémi Devaux - aerial hoop | Hector Diaz Mallea - Chinese Pole | Lilian Dufour, Camille Guichard - aerial cradle | Mathilde Jimenez, Maxime Steffan - hand-to-hand | Darianne Koszinski - cloud swing | Marica Marinoni - Cyr wheel | Mael Thierry Chinese Pole | Céline Vaillier - Chinese Pole

Light design : Enzo Giordana

Music : Tiago Cerqueira

Cie Tout Fou Tout Fly / Festival Un Chapiteau de rencontres

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