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This work merges several forms of expression, the result of which is an artistic object that can be de ned as a body searching for its poetry. In a more childlike way we can name it physical or performing theatre. However, what we present can also merely be an object for which a drawer hasn’t been yet found in order to store it and forget it.

There are multiple voices within this object. Those of all the artists we summoned to be with us. And they were numerous. The voice of Miguel Borges, who tells us a story about the dream that arts and all the storytellers offer us. That dream asserts itself as a strange being that fights against the act of letting go in that infatuated distraction of he who is watching. But he who watches, does he not listen? And he who listens, does he not feel? Is it feasible to watch, listen and feel and not have one of those elements excluding the remaining ones? The story that unfolds, in the background and interleaved, guiding the object that we present to you, takes over the spectator’s senses in a struggle with that which gives motion to the performers body.

The story and what is done are, at times, concomitant, sometimes antagonist and, on occasion, enigmatic. That feeling is demanding and disturbing and, simultaneously, delicate and soothing. To the spectator of this inner world made visible and sensible we ask for attention and commitment, along with the openness of someone who lives in a moment where things are won and lost. When going from one world to the other, new things emerge and others are left behind, fallen, along the way. Clothing that gets abandoned in the trajectory and in the tiredness of gestures.

We ask the spectator to get carried away by what the mind compre- hends, but also by what the heart hears and the body feels. What we put forward is a depar- ture. A journey through the objects that we evoked for this joint adventure. From school chairs where we all sat, to the ships that cross the seas and connect worlds, all the way up to altars where body and desires are sacrificed in search of answers to life. This is a journey between life and death in order to come back to life.

He who sets off for life carries with him his loved ones and the ones he searches for. He who departs dances and walks, sings and chooses a path. He who dances on the stones and passes tunnels where light and air are scarce always returns. He once again faces the path of stars that blind the night like eyes gazing upon eyes. Light piercing through the being. With his laughter, the clown destroys mountains, falling and causing others to do so. The clown turns into a poet who tore the stones and, with them, built a new mountain. A child fell from within the poet and took his hand. Hand in hand they went looking at the stars and the sea.

João Garcia Miguel
(to João Paulo Santos and all of those who created this work). Guimarães, March 4th 2017.


An idea by: João Garcia Miguel and João Paulo Santos

The texts are based on : the legend of the destruction of Kash, taken from "Primitive Mythology" by Joseph Campbell and an excerpt of Dante Alighieri’s "Divine Comedy".

Direction: João Garcia Miguel
Co-Work: Cia. João Garcia Miguel and Cia. O Último Momento

Actor: João Paulo Santos
Voice: Miguel Borges
Music: Tiago Cerqueira
Costumes: Ana Luena
Light Direction: Luis Bombico
Image: João Catarino
Executive Production: Raquel Matos
Direction Support: Rita Costa
Dais built by: HVCROM
Property support: Rita Prata
Project Management: Tiago da Camara Pereira

Our gratitude to:

Ana Calçada, Alexandre Mira, Ana Carina Paulino, António Cinzas, António Paupreto, António Santos, Cristina Manuel, FX RoadLight, Irmãos Henrique e Valter, Jackson Lima, João Costa Dias, Luísa & Pedro Matos, Mafalda Matos, Maria Antónia, Pia Kramer, Rita Costa, Rui Horta, Rute Alegria, Sara Ribeiro, Susana Picanço, Tiago Coelho, Tia Lena, Vasco Mosa, Verónica Metello.

Production : Compahnia JMG et Compagnie O Último Momento

Co-productions :
Teatro Iberico  - Lisbonne (PT)
Teatro Oficina - Guimares (PT)
Centro Cultural Vila Flor - Guimarães (PT)
Teatro Cine - Torres Vedras (PT)
Centro Cultural de Ilhavo (PT)
Teatro Eduardo Brazao (PT)

All ages from 10 year-old
Duration : 1h10
Frontal show
Dimensions of the stage (ideal) : high 8m - depth 12m - opening 12m
technical rider soon

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