Two Portuguese artists, João Paulo Santos and Rui Horta, a choreographer, mix their experiences and influences to create a singular show in which they find their own unique language.

This show deals with their different perceptions of their bodies and objects. On an empty scene, with some objects, a chinese mast and above all a body, João expresses his anger and his masterly skills between the sky and the earth, but also his exhaustion and his loneliness.

 "My aim is not to be or not to be a dancer but to be in harmony with the chinese pole and with my body"
Joao Paulo dos Santos

This show was created on request of the Festival d'Avignon, in the context of Les Sujets à Vif - SACD.
This show has succeeded a lot. It was presented more than hundred times all over the world in France, Europe, South-East Asia, West Africa, USA, and Latina America.

Directed by : João Paulo Santos, Rui Horta
Choreography : Rui Horta
Music : Tiago Cerqueira, Vitor Joaquim
Interpretation : João Paulo Santos
Costumes : Pedro dos Santos
Stage manager : Elsa Caillat

Production : O Último Momento
Coproduction : Festival d'Avignon 2006 - SACD Le Sujet A Vif -
With the support of : Centro Cultural Olga Cadaval (Portugal)
Duration : 30 minutes
Stage dimensions : 8x8 m
High: 7,5m
Indoor and outdoor versions, by day or by night 
Frontal show
Team on tour : 2 persons
12 Mai au 18 Mai 2019
Institut Français de Pointe-Noire - Congo / option
20 Mai au 28 Mai 2019
Festival Danse en Mai - l'Empreinte Scène nationale - Brive / option
9 Juin 2019
Festival de danse - Théâtre du Beauvaisis (60)
14 Juin 2019
Théâtre du Vellein - Villefontaine
20 Juillet au 21 Juillet 2019
Festival de Rue de Miremont / option
29 Août au 01 Septembre 2019
Festival Novas Invasões - Torres Vedras - Portugal / option

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