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O Último Momento is a Franco-Portuguese company, created in 2004 by João Paulo Santos, Portuguese circus artist, and Guillaume Dutrieux, French musician. They met in 2003 within the Cheptel Aleïkoum collective, came from the 15th promotion of the Centre National des Arts du Cirque.
The company is based in France, but travels all around the world. It  proposes shows especially based on Chinese pole, speciality of João Paulo Santos, but it is also open to other artistic fields like dance and video.

In 2005 they created their first show called (Peut-être). This show has been performed more that 50 times across Europe and South-East Asia. The last performance took place in 2009.

In 2006 the company also created a show called Contigo on the order of the Festival IN d’Avignon, in the contexte of Les Sujets à Vif – SACD. This was a solo project co-written by João Paulo Santos and the Portuguese choreographer Rui Horta. This show successively toured over 100 times in Europe, Asia, Africa, Northern and Southern America, and keeps on touring today.

In May 2009 the first performance of Vertigem took place in Portugal. This short form in solo was the foreshadow of the next performance which has been completed in January 2010 in duet with Guillaume Amaro. This performance called A deux pas de là-haut presented a new apparatus that João Paulos Santos has developped : the stick-pole. The show toured all over the world until 2016.

2015 marked a turning point with the creation of Abril, a duet with the first ever female artist in the company, Elsa Caillat, and the apparition of a new apparatus, aerial rope. Very imbued with Portuguese landscapes and energy, Abril is a contemplative piece full of a sweet ans sensual energy.

In 2017, the company emphasizes its inscription on the Portuguese territory with the co-creation on Mundo Interior with the director João Garcia Miguel. The sensitive and powerfull perfomance xas presented 21 times in Portugal. In 2018, he was the artistic director of the International Circus Festival in Porto. In 2019, he has co-created the show Desafios with Pompeu Jose of the theatral company ACERT in Tondela.

As a matter of fact, João Paulo Santos' experience and formation, mostly acquired in France, enabled Portuguese structures to value contemporary circus that is still rare and unrecognized in this country. That's why the company still strengthens its development in Portugal while keeping collaborating whith Portuguese artists. 

In May 2017, João Paulo Santos and Elsa Caillat (co-author and interpret of Abril) directed the students of the 31st promotion of the cursus ENACR/CNAC. The show called Para(îê)tre performed five times in april and June 2017.

In July 2020, João Paulo Santos creates with the hip-hop dancer Iliass Mjouti the duet L'Autre, a short outdoor form.

Founders of the company
João Paulo Santos

Chinese pole acrobat, he has been trained in the circus school Chapitô in Lisbon (Portugal) where he comes from (1996-1999). Then he came to France to continue his studies in the high schools of circus ENACR and CNAC (1999-2003) where he worked with Roland Shön, Philippe Genty and Félix Ruckert. He is a member of Le Cheptel Aleïkoum collective which reunits all the artists from the 15th promotion of Centre National des Arts du Cirque.

In 2004, he created his own company called O Ultimo Momento with the musician Guillaume Dutrieux and he created his first show in 2005 « (Peut-être) ». He invented a new way to practice chinese pole, and was quickly considered as a master with his so peculiar way to express himself on the chinese pole, mixing dance, new acrobatics, video and feeling.

To date, João Paulo Santos has created 5 shows and 3 short performances like « Contigo » which tours all around the world for 15 years. In March 2017, he has created the solo « Mundo Interior » with the Portuguese director João Garcia Miguel, and in July 2020, he has created "L'Autre" a duet with the French hip-hop dancer Iliass Mjouti.

Indeed, João Paulo Santos maintains a strong connection with his country of origin, Portugal, where he is considered as a pioneer in the field of contemporary circus. 

João Paulo Santosis also videographer, and regularly asked to teach or to stage shows. 

He is associated artist to O Espaço do Tempo, lead by Rui Horta in Montemor-O-Novo.

Guillaume Dutrieux

He followed classic studies in jazz, trumpet and composition at Conservatoire of Paris. Then he worked as an interpret, as a composer or arranger in different fields, all round Europe and the world. In 2003, he met with the Cheptel Aleïkoum collective and the team of Roland Schön's show in CNAC of whose he composed the original music with Serge Dutrieux. After this experience, he decided to dédidacte himself to musical compostiion for shows.

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O Espaço do Tempo

Marek Hunhap
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Companhia JMG (director João Garcia Miguel, co-author of Mundo Inerior)

Ecole Nationale des Arts du Cirque de Rosny-sous-Bois (ENACR)

Compagnie Toron Blues
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